Singapore is finally ready to welcome foreign talents back into the country! The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely changed how we immigrate, adding to what was already an overwhelming procedure to keep yourself and everyone around you safe.

Since 1 February 2022, foreigners have been required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (including boosters if applicable) to obtain new work and long-term passes, and permanent residence. Vaccination is also required for the renewal of existing work passes.

 Work pass holders and dependant(s)

Pass holders and dependants (if any) are required to be fully vaccinated upon arrival in Singapore. This is important as you can only renew or apply for work passes after your pass holder(s) and dependant(s) are fully vaccinated (two weeks after receiving the full regimen of any vaccine).

A grace period of 30 days upon arrival in Singapore will be given for all individuals to undergo a serology test at a Public Health Preparedness Clinic. Should an individual test positive, a full vaccination regimen is required to be completed in Singapore to prevent their pass from being revoked.

For work passes expiring within the next 4 months, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) will be sending monthly reminders containing a list of pass holders and dependants that have yet to obtain a full vaccination status for your follow-up.

Pass holders or dependants with a memo stating ineligibility for vaccination will be required to undergo a medical review upon arrival in Singapore.

 Travelling after completing vaccination regimen 

If the pass holder and dependant(s) had travelled and completed vaccination overseas, please ensure that they verify their vaccination status with a local clinic upon returning to Singapore. They need to do this at least 1 week before the expiry of their work passes. Thereafter, a renewal application can be submitted for them.

If a pass holder and dependant(s) are already vaccinated and do not plan to return to Singapore before the expiry of their work passes, they are required to submit their vaccination records to us a least 1 month before the pass expires. We will assess and advise you accordingly. To learn more, visit the MOM website and search for “vaccination requirements.”

The immigration process in Singapore, while progressive, is definitely made complex due to these new health rules and requirements. Seeking professional help from immigration experts like us at Transform Borders helps ensure that you are getting everything done accurately and safely. For more information about applying for work passes in Singapore in 2022, get in touch with us for a free consultation today!