For people who know where exactly Singapore is instead of incorrectly wondering which part of China we definitely do not belong to, you’ll know that Singapore is a metropolitan country with a thriving and prosperous economy, along with first-world facilities and standards. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of Singaporean PR’s and why you should consider it.

Chinese dragon on the edge of a pagoda.

While Singapore is multiracial and majority are Chinese, we are about 6 hours away from China!

1. Convenience versus Work Pass

Singapore convenience store

Singapore has these tiny gems of convenience stores that contain history dating more than decades ago!

You can forget about all that stress and work pass renewal paperwork once you get your PR. PR allows you to enter and leave Singapore without other visas to work or travel.

Have a better job offer? Go for that interview as PR gives you more flexibility in changing jobs without having to reapply for work passes.

2. Enjoying the Privileges

Aerial photo of skyscrapers in Singapore

While Singapore isn’t very big, we certainly have concrete jungles full of amazing high rise buildings to live in.

Tired of renting a studio but can’t afford to buy private housing? As a PR, you get to purchase resales of subsidized housing (aka HDB flats), which are Singapore’s most affordable housing options.

Still facing budget problems? Fret not, because being PR allows you to apply and be given priority to take on housing loans and other various loans.

The government helps plan for your retirement too: PRs stand to enjoy the financial and tax benefits provided by Singapore’s Central Provident Fund (CPF).

Under the CPF scheme, you and your employer contribute a monthly minimum amount to your pension fund, which can be used for health care, home-ownership, family protection and growing your assets.

3. Exceptional Long-Term Living Environment

Children playing with each other, smiles on their faces

Children are our future and we want the best for them, including considering them in the long-term. Why not a safe haven in Singapore?

Miss your family? Include your spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 in the PR application. PR also lets you apply for long-term visas for your parents.

School aged children will also gain priority, behind citizens, in enrollment into a school of your choice from Singapore’s stellar public education system.

Besides all the material, tangible benefits, Singapore’s multicultural population boasts a welcoming and receptive culture that you will find little trouble integrating into.

Need I mention Singapore’s low crime rates, incredible healthcare… Oh, and everybody’s favourite, impeccable food?

4. Great Country for Business

People discussing about statistical figures

Collaborations and partnerships are just one of the many ways Singapore’s businesses incorporate to grow exponentially.

Singapore is THE place to grow your wealth. As a land with scarce resources, Singapore is committed to ensuring the growth and stability of its economy. MNCs choose to open their regional headquarters here given the low taxes, efficient workforce, minimal corruption and first world infrastructure.

Want to set up your own company? Apply for PR and free yourself of the regulations imposed on foreigners (Employment Pass holders cannot be the sole proprietor of a company).

5. Apply for Singapore Citizenship after 2-6 years

Singapore Flag Flown By Helicopters

If you’re already enjoying the benefits of Singaporean PR, wait till you hear about citizenship!

Perhaps after so long, you’ve found a sense of home in Singapore. PR is therefore essential for you to become a Singaporean.

What else is stopping you from applying for PR? As much as you can’t bear to leave Singapore, Singapore can’t bear to lose you too.

Co-written by Wong Jiayi & Sulochana Uthirapathi