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What are the requirements to enter Singapore today?
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July 21,2021

What are the requirements to enter Singapore today?

Singapore is slowly opening its borders. Currently, they only accept entry requests from applicants who have resided in the following countries for at least 21 days prior to entering Singapore:

  • Australia
  • Brunei Darussalam
  • Hong Kong
  • Macao
  • Mainland China
  • New Zealand

After seeking clarifications with the personnel, they also said to try and apply for an entry request here, even if the departing countries are not listed above (only extremely high-risk countries are barred for the time being such as Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka). 

If you are able to secure a departure date from Japan directly, that would be the green light to go ahead. Otherwise, you will have to reside in Australia for at least 21 days prior to travelling into Singapore.

For your reference, please refer below:

Further updates regarding this reopening of borders will be covered in another article. But if you are looking to travel to Singapore anytime soon, here’s what you need to know now:

Who can travel to Singapore?

  1. Returning Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents

They may return to Singapore without seeking entry approval but prevailing travel health measures will be implemented if they have travelled to various countries before arriving in Singapore. 

  1. General entry for Long Term Pass Holders and Immediate Relatives of Singapore Citizens/PRs

They may enter Singapore using the Singapore Citizen (SC)/Permanent Resident (PR) Familial Ties Lane, Student's Pass Holder Lane or Work Pass Holder General Lane. However, they must first apply for entry approval.

  1. Short-term business visits

They may enter Singapore using the Air Travel Pass or Reciprocal Green Lane but depending on their travel history before arriving in Singapore.

  1. Short-term social visits/tourists

Only citizens from countries with low-risk COVID-19 importation are allowed to enter using the Air Travel Pass or Air Travel Bubble.

  1. Death and critical illness emergency visit

In an unfortunate case of death or critical illness of a family member in Singapore, travellers from all countries or regions may enter. Only two travellers per case are allowed to enter and they must provide the required documents such as proof of death of the immediate family member, a doctor's letter to support critically ill cases, documents to prove a familial connection and a copy of their passport biodata page. Travellers can apply to enter under compassionate reasons here.

Before departing

  1. Make the necessary Safe Travel arrangements

Short-term travellers may enter via these Safe Travel lanes:

Air Travel Pass (ATP)Short-term travellers from selected countries can apply for ATP, before 7 and 30 days of the intended date of entry.
Reciprocal Green Lane (RGL)Companies or Government Agencies in Singapore may sponsor/apply for a SafeTravel Pass under the RGL on behalf of a prospective traveller, between 14 and 35 days before the intended week of entry.
  1. If applicable, apply for your visa

If you already have a visa that was suspended due to COVID-19, you don’t have to re-apply. You can check your visa validity here. But if you need a visa to enter Singapore, please apply through a local sponsor, Singapore Overseas Mission, or through an authorised visa agent. To apply, you will need an approval letter for the respective Safe Travel Lane you are using to enter Singapore.

  1. Have pre-departure checks

All short-term travellers entering Singapore must stay at their declared departure point for the last 21 consecutive days for ATP and 14 consecutive days for RGL before departing. They are also required to register for the COVID-19 PCR Test, submit health and travel declarations, download the TraceTogether app and self-isolate for 48 hours upon waiting for the result.

  1. Ensure travel insurance coverage

ATP and RGL travellers are required to have travel insurance coverage before travelling to Singapore. The insurance plan should provide at least S$30,000 worth of coverage for COVID-19-related hospitalisation and medical expenses. Click here for more information.

Upon arrival

  1. Present your arrival documents
  • An approval letter for any of the Safe Travel Lanes
  • A valid visa (if required)
  • A mobile device with the TraceTogether app downloaded and profiles registered
  • ATP and RGL travellers are required to present an electronic or physical copy of a valid insurance policy
  • RGL travellers are also required to present a 14-day itinerary and proof of departure from Singapore
  1. Take a COVID-19 PCR Test

All short-term travellers are required to take the COVID-19 PCR Test upon arrival. Once that is completed, ATP and RGL travellers are to make necessary arrangements to travel from the airport to their accommodation. After isolation and if the test result is negative, only then can travellers explore the city. Travellers are responsible for their medical bills.

  1. Stay safe with contact tracing

Always use the TraceTogether app while in Singapore to ease contact tracing. Travellers must also retain the app with the data for 14 consecutive days after leaving Singapore.

When in Singapore

Singapore is, indeed, a safe place to be in today because of its efficiency in providing vaccines and strict border control and COVID-19 measures. Therefore, if you were to visit Singapore, you, too, must adhere to the health and safety guidelines to ensure that Singapore maintains its low COVID-19 cases. 

Need more clarification on how to apply for a visit to Singapore? Get in touch with our Lead Immigration Specialist today to learn more!

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