PR status is highly coveted in Singapore and it’s tough to avoid mistakes for a situation you’re unprepared for. Sometimes, even searching on forums for the cookie cutter solution may be worse off for you. So what should you avoid doing when applying for PR?

Making mistakes in PR process

Mistakes can be minimised; asking the right person for help does just that

1. Rushing to apply

People rushing around

Preparing yourself and striking at the right time beats trying over and over again.

Just like how you don’t ask someone to marry you after your second date, don’t rush into applying for PR.

While there are some who successfully gain their PR after living in Singapore for less than 2 years, those are a rarity. The longer you stay in Singapore, the more successful your application will be. Sticking around longer on a work pass shows your commitment and contribution to the country. Our consultants here at Transform Borders recommend staying in Singapore for about 3 years or more before applying for PR to increase your chance of approval.

However, just because you’ve stayed the recommended timing, that does not guarantee your PR approval, it only increases your chances.

2. Not making an impression

Woman walks away on cracked pavement

Walking away from an interview feeling like you haven’t done your best?

Applying for PR is akin to going for a job interview, impressions matter!

Once you begin the application process, you should take it seriously and be diligent about it. The Singapore government receives tens of thousands of PR applications each year and as they continue to tighten immigration policies, it will only get tougher to successfully apply for PR.

Hence, take the application process like a job application. Following up with recommended documents will help you stand out from thousands of other applications and remember to be punctual for your interview.

3. Using an online template 

Crayons and scribbles on the floor.

Avoid using an online template; it may look like an amateur effort.

Many blogs suggest you do extensive research before filling up the form as there are certain pieces of information that can improve your chances of being approved. While this is true, information on these forums are from personal experiences and may not apply to everyone as each case is unique when applying for PR.

Instead, research on which immigration specialist is best suited to help you through the process. We all know how difficult it is to get approved; save time and money in the long run by engaging the services of an immigration consulting firm.

Reach out to us for a complimentary 10 minute consultation if you want to increase your chances of approval for PR today!

Co-written by Wong Jiayi & Sulochana Uthirapathi