It’s certainly a TREAT for us when we get to be part of your journey here, whether it’s to become a PR here or to get your EP in order to setup business or work here. And that’s exactly what it was for us when we were assisting David Perlon at Dan Crazy Eggs! Let’s hear it from David on his immigration journey.

 Interviewer: David, tell us a little about yourself.

David: Hi! I am David Perlon and I’m French. I arrived 7 years ago in this sunny island when my wife was offered a job here. Subsequently, I got myself a job here with my ex employer at TWG The Tea Company.

Just this year, I started Dan Crazy Eggs with a business partner.  

Interviewer: “How did the idea of starting Dan Crazy Eggs come about?”

David: Well, a friend of mine asked me for advice because he was thinking of opening a business in Paris. I told him that it would be better to start this business in Asia first. And I also shared the idea of offering a squarish scotch eggs instead of the usual round scotch eggs you see. Scotch eggs are round with a hard-boiled egg inside. But our version is smaller with a runny egg inside and that’s how we can achieve a squarish scotch egg!

 We decided to go in a partnership and that’s how Dan Crazy Eggs came about!

Interviewer: What is a MUST TRY at Dan Crazy Eggs?

David: Our scotch egg is the perfect 3-bite snack, healthy and full-flavoured. We have several flavors to choose from and we are always trying out crazy new flavors. If it’s your first scotch egg, I will recommend the original with beef and a hint of chili. 

Interviewer: As a foreigner, did you have problems setting up shop here?

David: I must say that I had really good help. The Transform Borders team advised me of the steps to obtain my Employment Pass (EP) so that I can launch my business successfully. They were also meticulous to ensure that precautionary steps were taken to boost my success rate. For instance, they recommended that I first apply for the relevant license from NEA since it’s a F&B business I’m starting. Once I had that license, they then submitted it as part of the document support to my EP application. Well, it sure worked and now, I can run the business here legally. 

 Overall, everything was well taken care of by the Transform Borders team while I concentrated on the setting up of the business. So…. thank you very much, Transform Borders!

Interviewer: So where can we find Dan Crazy Eggs?

David: Come visit us at: Timbre+ at One North. Also check out our Facebook or Instagram for updates and new flavours

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