The reopening of international borders is slowly coming together as Singapore has opened its doors to Australia, Brunei, China, New Zealand and Taiwan. This is good news as many couples who are residing in different countries are bearing the burden of not being able to come up with a concise plan to live together in one place for the long haul.

Thankfully, we have been able to assist many couples that faced situations where their spouse’s Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP)/PR/citizenship applications were rejected. Considering the current situation, we can only imagine how painful that must be. Thus, we are proud to be able to help couples reunite and plan their future together!

We have covered the fundamental grounds of holding a partnership visa in Singapore

Singaporean/PR marrying a non-local

If you are a non-Singaporean citizen planning to tie the knot with your Singaporean sweetheart, you are strongly encouraged to complete a pre-marriage long term visit pass assessment (PMLA). If you are holding a Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP or LTVP+) issued by ICA, you can work in Singapore if you get a Letter of Consent (LOC).

The assessment allows you to check your eligibility for a Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP). A foreigner who completed the PMLA will also benefit from a shorter processing time (up to six weeks) when submitting an application for an LTVP after marriage, as compared to six months or more for couples who did not complete the PMLA.

In the unfortunate event that your LTVP is rejected, the room for appeal is within 1 month. To help your case, your Singaporean partner must be able to provide sufficient proof that he or she is financially stable and able to support your stay in Singapore for a minimum of 1 year.

However, if you are already married, you can jump straight into LTVP (once again, it will be a longer process compared to couples who completed a PMLA). Once your application is completed, your spouse can get a Letter of Consent to work in Singapore. If your spouse has gotten PR, and they are able to provide evidence of a stable income, they will stand a higher chance to get permanent citizenship after 2 years.

Couples who are not married

Unfortunately, if you are not married and do not have any plans to get married, Singapore does not recognise common-law relationships. Do not be disheartened, you can still live in Singapore with your partner through a short-term visit pass. However, during this period of Covid-19, this may not be easy but you can attempt to get approval on your visit pass by writing to ICA.

Spouse of a work visa holder

A common-law partner of a Work Visa holder must either have a copy of the common-law marriage certificate, a declaration that the common-law relationship is recognised in the country or a letter from the home country’s embassy of the work pass holder or spouse, recognising their relationship under the laws of their country.

If your partner is in Singapore with a working pass, eligible Employment Pass (EP) or S Pass (SP) holders can bring certain family members into the country on a Dependent’s Pass (DP). The spouse of an EP holder is also qualified to apply for a LOC to work in Singapore after obtaining a DP.

You can apply for a DP for your family if you meet these requirements:

  • Hold an Employment Pass or S Pass.
  • Earn a minimum fixed monthly salary of $6,000. This is based on your salary, and not based on your combined household income.
  • Are sponsored by an established, Singapore-registered company (usually your employer).

Please do take note that the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has recently announced that  DP holders are required to apply for a work pass on the 1st of May to continue working in Singapore. Find out more about it here.

Spouse for PEP holder: If you have applied for a Personalised Employment Pass (PEP), which is the application of high-earning EP holders (which holds more flexibility than a regular EP), you must apply for DPs/LTVP (that were originally tagged to your EP) under your PEP. Processing time is estimated to go up to 8 weeks.

Spouse of EntrePass holder: An EntrePass is meant for foreign serial entrepreneurs, high-calibre innovators or experienced investors who are planning to operate a business in Singapore. The main criteria for EntrePass holders are company credentials (paid-up capital, operating history, etc) and the applicant’s credentials (education, professional relevant experience, proposed salary, etc).

To bring yourYour total annual business spending must be at leastYou must employ at least
– Spouse (common-law or legally married)
– Children
$100,0003 Legal Qualifying Salary (LQS)


1 local PME (professional, manager or executive)

It is noteworthy that business spending does not include one’s own salary.

As you can see, it is truly possible to make a life with your significant other as long as perseverance and commitment are present. It may get challenging at times but nothing will compare to the joy of closing the distance between you and the person you love.

We have assisted a handful of clients who are in your current position. Today, they are thankfully reunited with their partner and happily building their lives together in the promising lands of Singapore. For more information, send in your immigration-related questions with us.